GPS Salt Spreader Speed Controller

Buyers-CENTRAL-HYDRAULICSBuyers Products, an industry leader in work truck accessories and snow and ice management equipment, has introduced a new central hydraulic system with Garmin® GPS ground-speed control.

The new system is designed to provide proportional spreader operation with increased efficiency and reliability, as well as material savings.

“Incorporating the Garmin GPS with the ground speed spreader control gives the operator a more precise means of spreading material,” said Dave Zelis, director of sales and marketing at Buyers Products. “Just set it for the current conditions and it adjusts based on vehicle speed.”

In addition to the spreader control, the new central hydraulic system features a sectional valve system with a 304 stainless steel construction main box.

In the cab, a compact, three-function spreader controller and dump/hoist plow controller allow for easy operation and quick adjustment for conditions