Peel-Off Rubberized Paint

Updated Jun 2, 2015

Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating provides a tough, rubberized finish for a wide variety of automotive/industrial surfaces

This synthetic rubber coating is easily applied, will last until it is peeled off and will not damage the original paint on a vehicle.2ndSkin-US_GroupShot

Valspar’s 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating is a premium aerosol that allows users to protect, cushion or customize the appearance of any painted surface, as well as wheels, chrome trim, metal and plastic,” said Shelley Potaniec, product manager, aerosols for Valspar.

“Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating quickly dries to a matte finish that remains flexible and stretchy over time. It can be peeled off and leaves no residue or film.”

Quick drying, new Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating provides an extra layer of protection from moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, corrosion and high temperatures up to 200 degrees.

It will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.

Available in six colors (red, black, blue, white, smoke and clear), Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating can be used on vehicles, in shops and on many automotive-related surfaces such as:

  • Metal – Reduces vibration, deadens sound, insulates electrically.
  • Wood – Seals and protects from weathering and splinters.
  • Glass – Shatter proofs glass objects and the clear formula provides a frosted appearance to windows and crafts.
  • Plastic – Protects delicate surfaces from scratches.

“Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating is an inexpensive way to create a personalized look,” continued Potaniec.

“If you want to add some color to your wheels, customize the exterior of a car with a stencil or tape, or give your tool box a makeover, Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating can create a fresh new look that can be peeled off when it’s time for a change. There are no limits to the fun you can have with Valspar 2nd Skin Peel-Off Coating.”

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