Warn Cordless Drill Winch

Drill Winch Action 001Portable winch is powered by a cordless drill; light weight with 500-pound pulling capacity

There are times when having a bumper-mounted winch with tons of pulling power at your fingertips really isn’t necessary, or you need something more portable for smaller tasks.

That’s when Warn Industries’ new Drill Winch is really handy.

Anywhere you can take your portable drill, you can take, and use, the Drill Winch. Its 500-pound capacity is ideal for moving rolling loads, such as movers and ATVs, onto pickups or trailers.

The Drill Winch also has many other uses, such as moving heavy nursery stocks, or helping out around the mechanic shop or on the farm.

Warn Drill Winch is powered by cordless drill.Warn Drill Winch is powered by cordless drill.

The new drill-powered winch runs off any standard portable drill. It turns the drill into a versatile pulling tool.

While the drill is not included with the Warn Drill Winch, front and rear rigging hooks are included and coupled with a free spool clutch, to make rigging fast and easy.

The drill winch also includes 30’ of wire rope, and an integrated hawse fairlead. All you need is the drill.