6.7L Powerstroke Exhaust Brake

Updated May 11, 2015

BD2015_Ford_67L_Exhaust_BrakeBD Diesel Performance boosts engine-braking power with updated Ford Powerstroke exhaust brake kit

Towing is a big reason contractors and construction companies turn to Ford Super Duties powered by the 6.7L power stroke.

Towing a heavy trailer also requires robust braking power, and several years ago BD Diesel Performance developed a plug-in diesel exhaust brake kit that maximizes the 6.7Ls exhaust braking capabilities.

Now they have an updated version that boost that engine braking power even more.

The new electronic engine-braking technology further enhances retarding horsepower and added safety for your Ford 6.7L Power Stroke towing experience while reducing the mechanical brake’s maintenance costs.

Pushing BD’s new dash mounted 3-position switch results in higher cylinder back-pressure that slows the engine down, and at the same time, causing firmer and faster transmission downshift’s to slow your loaded truck even faster.

BD’s engine braking kit uses factory connection points so it can be installed in less than an hour.

Contact: BD Diesel Performance; 800-887-5030