Vanair Viper Tow-Behind Compressor

Updated Apr 16, 2015
Vanair Viper tow-behind compressorVanair Viper tow-behind compressor

Vaniar offers tow-behind model of popular new air compressors

Innovation continues as Vanair Manufacturing, Inc. introduces its new Viper™ Series with towable running gear.

“We are extremely excited about the new designs of our Viper Series…we’ve added some amazing features. Getting feedback from our customers, we have added the optional running gear that features independent torsion axle suspension and heavy duty construction. This is a very cost effective package with lots of air,” says David Statzer, Vice President, Large Products Group.

Offered in either gas or a Tier 4 Kubota diesel, the Viper suits all your pneumatic tool needs.

The package is more economical, more compact and has better fuel savings than a 185cfm tow-behind.

Powerful and dependable, this rotary screw system delivers up to 80cfm at up to 150psi. It has enough power to operate a 90 lb. jackhammer and piercing tools.

Its unique auto engine off and restart smart technology, as well as its auto variable throttle control (based on air demand to minimize fuel consumption and noise) are additional features only offered by Vanair.