CURT Rolls Out Advanced Weight Distribution Hitch

Updated Apr 10, 2015

CURT TruTrackWD System Ensures a Safe, Smooth RideCurt TruTrack WD Hitch assembly

CURT Manufacturing, LLC., a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium towing products, has introduced a revolutionary new product into its weight distribution lineup, the TruTrack.

This weight distribution system is an advanced form of the trunnion bar weight distribution hitch, combining precise load equalization and active sway control to deliver the smoothest, safest ride possible.

It accomplishes this using three key components: adjustable support brackets, a spring & cam system and interlocking head tilt adjustment.

First, the TruTrack connects to the trailer frame using a pair of trunnion-style spring bars and heavy-duty, adjustable support brackets.

These support brackets are set at fixed positions by the user and hold the spring bars in place, laterally and vertically.

While regular spring bars angle from side to side as the trailer rounds a corner or shifts from a crosswind, the active sway control arms resist this movement, keeping the trailer aligned with the tow vehicle and stopping trailer sway before it starts.

The second component that gives the TruTrack its active sway control is the unique way the spring bars attach to the head. On most WD hitches, this is done using simple pins or bolts. While effective for basic operation, this method offers nothing in the way of sway control.

TruTrack takes things to a new level by integrating a special spring & cam system. The cam system builds up pressure to actively stop sway and then relaxes to make smooth turns. The cam system also has a hex castle nut for easy adjustment to fit most industry-standard couplers.

Finally, setup of the CURT TruTrack is extremely easy. While other weight distribution hitches use a series of washers, a pin and blind guesswork to find the proper tilt, the TruTrack uses a pair of interlocking nuts and six preset holes to give you specific angles of tilt and a simpler method of adjustment.

Unlike most other WD hitches that require you to partially disassemble the hitch head to make an adjustment, the interlocking nuts of the TruTrack can easily be accessed on the outside of the head, making installation faster than ever.

To learn more about the CURT TruTrack, click here.

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