HD2 Pickup Snowplow From Fisher


Fisher Engineering Unveils HD2 Snowplow

Landscapers who push snow for a living know such winter work requires the right pickup and the right snow-removal equipment.

That’s where the new Fisher Engineering HD2™ straight-blade snowplow comes into play.

The HD2 plow is the next generation of the popular FISHER HD Series snowplow, which has served as the brand’s best-selling plow since its release.

The HD2 snowplow is built of high-strength steel and protected against rust and wear by the FISHER STORM GUAR baked-on powder coat finish in trademark FISHER yellow.

The plow is 29 inches tall and available in 7′ 6″, 8′, 8′ 6″ and 9′ widths. Ten vertical ribs reinforce the moldboard. The HD2 comes standard with a 1/2″ steel cutting edge, with four alternative cutting edges available as accessories.

Optional accessories available on the Fisher HD2 plow include:

  • Trip-Edge Blade Wings
  • Back Drag Edge
  • Rubber Deflector
  • Steel Deflector
  • Steel SnoFoil® Deflector
  • Heavy-Duty Lift Ram
  • Curb Guards
  • Wear Shoes
  • 36″ Commercial Blade Guides
  • Rubber Cutting Edge
  • Poly Cutting Edge
  • 5/8″ Steel Cutting Edge
  • Carbide Cutting Edge