CPT Ultra-Light Slide-In Pickup Bed Utility Box

CPT’s Truck Utility Box is an all composite, versatile, lightweight pickup bed insert CPT bed insert IMG_2341

Composite Panel Technologies’ (CPT) Truck Utility Box is designed for customers who want an innovative and versatile solution that can be custom ordered to replace truck utility boxes in the market today.

CPT’s Truck Utility Box is all composite, lightweight and built to last with Sandwich Engineering Technology.

It’s a one of a kind solution with quality and de-pendability performance characteristics that put it in a class of its own. It is completely customizable allowing for extreme versatility for any application.

When you purchase a CPT Truck Utility Box you are investing in cutting edge technology and versatility. Built to last, a CPT Truck Utility Box is highly eco-nomical short term and long term. Its lightweight construction also reduces fuel costs.

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