BD Ford 6.4L TapShifter Lever Kit

Updated Feb 24, 2015

BD_1031370_TapShifter_64L_300pxSuper Duty Tap-Shift Kit

Want your older Super Duty to have the driving feel of the new models when it comes to transmission shifting? BD Diesel Perfromance’s TapShifter kit makes that an easy upgrade.

Access all five gears and control Overdrive with a tap of your finger just like the new 6.7L powered trucks do. Utilizing factory connectors the TapShifter gives the ability to select the gear you want. 

Controls your converter lock-up clutch for pulling heavy loads up and down hills or dyno testing, and, controls overdrive for in town driving or towing.

Works great with engine retarders like BD’s own VVB.

Kit includes a new OE style 6.7L shift lever and mini / dimmable gear selection display. TapShifter is also available for early Chevy Duramax diesels.