Cummins Diesel Twin-Clutch Kit

Updated Feb 8, 2015

CF Diesel Twin ClutchCenterforce Diesel Twin clutch for 2005.5-2013 Cummins-equipped Rams

The Cummins ISB straight-six diesel engines are legendary for their reliability, tuneability, and overall power potential.

In recent years, this workhorse has been boosted from nearly 600 lb-ft of torque to over 850 lb-ft., and simple tunes can net increases of over 250 lb-ft of torque.

With increased power levels, Ram work trucks equipped with manual transmissions eventually have clutch issues.

Centerforce developed the Diesel Twin clutch kit to eliminate common compromises such as stiff pedal feel, rough engagement and annoying noise.

The Centerforce Diesel Twin uses two sprung hub discs with a patented floater design that uses spring-loaded bushings to absorb typical “floater rattle.”

The floater is drilled and slotted like a brake rotor to dissipate heat. This configuration helps to retain stock-like drivability.

Centerforce’s Diesel Twin clutch kit includes: New single-mass flywheel with a larger-than-stock pilot bearing; a bal-anced pressure plate, floater and flywheel assembly (a paint mark indicates the proper balance alignment); premium ARP fasteners/bolts; a new pre-bled hydraulic slave and master cylinder; a new throw-out bearing; a starter spacer and an alignment tool.

Centerforce’s new Diesel Twin kit (Part No. 04026651) is for 2005.5-2013 Cummins-powered Rams with the G56 6-speed manual transmission.

CONTACT: Centerforce; 928.771.8422