Eaton 7-Speed Automatic

Eaton Procision automaticEaton Procision automatic

Procision automatic brings big increases in mpg over traditional medium-duty automatics

Power management company Eaton has introduced Procision, a new line of medium-duty dual-clutch transmissions, that delivers 8 to 10 percent better fuel economy than a similarly equipped vehicle with a torque converter automatic.

The new 7-speed automatic, which will be on display at the 2015 NTEA/The Work Truck Show in March, is scheduled to be available in the North American market mid-year.

It features a dual-clutch design and electronic shifting that uses grade, vehicle weight and throttle input to provide optimal fuel efficiency and smooth, continuous delivery of torque to a vehicle’s wheels under all shift conditions.

“Small businesses rely on their class 6 and 7 medium-duty trucks to deliver goods and perform tough jobs on a daily basis,” said John Beering, senior vice president and general manager, Eaton Commercial Vehicle Transmission.

“The all-new Eaton Procisionis the first dual clutch transmission for class 6-7 in North America. Its smart features deliver more savings and driver confidence, and is the ideal transmission solution for medium-duty applications.”

Eaton employed the dual clutch technology to allow for more efficient acceleration from a stopped position, and to optimize shift points that will efficiently get to the highest gear.

Gear changes are made by swapping the engine torque between clutches with the next gear preselected.

“The highly efficient dual clutch technology with a closed loop control system significantly reduces slip and steady state losses that are associated with torque converter automatic transmissions,” said Jeff Carpenter, engineering manager, Medium-Duty Procision.