TIG Welding Hand Protection

Updated Jan 30, 2015
Heatshield Glove ArmorHeatshield Glove Armor

Glove Armor from Heatshield Products protects your hand while TIG welding

The new Heatshield Glove Armor gives your hands extra protection during high-temp TIG welding jobs, allowing you to stay in the zone longer for better welds and more efficient welding work.

It fits over most standard welding gloves, providing extra protection for the outside of your hands and pinkies, letting you weld longer with more comfort and control.

  • Fits over most welding gloves
  • Withstands 1,800 degrees F continuous, 2,200 degrees F intermittent
  • Shields pinky and lower section of hand when TIG welding
  • Allows you to stay in the zone longer while welding
  • Made in the USA

Glove Armor slides over your glove and secures around your wrist with a sturdy hook-and-loop strap. It’s designed to withstand extreme heat without melting onto the surface you’re welding like a standard welding glove would.

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