Arctic 12V/110V Fridge/Freezer

Updated Jan 20, 2015
Smiitybilt freezer/fridge comboSmiitybilt freezer/fridge combo

Smittybilt Freezer/Fridge Combo

Workers in the field appreciate having fresh food and cold drinks. And they appreciate being self-sufficient on extended stays when trips to the store may not be in the cards.

The enthusiasts at Smittybilt realize this, and their solution to luke warm drinks and soggy sandwiches is the new Artic Fridge/Freezer. 

The 50-quart capacity of the Artic Fridge/Freezer is large enough for extended forays into the backcountry, yet still sized to easily fit in the back of Jeep Wranglers, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

It utilizes an ultra-efficient German Danfoss compressor that can run on 12 volt, 110 volt, or even solar power to provide temperatures as low as -22°F in conjunction with thick 55MM polyurethane insulation.

The state-of-the-art LED controls for the Artic Fridge/Freezer are recessed to protect them from damage or accidently being altered, and the three-stage automatic power cut off to ensure that your vehicle’s battery has enough reserve capacity to start the engine. 

Quality construction including the aluminum lined interior and anti-vibration design ensure years of trouble free service. 

Additional features include a standard removable storage basket, internal LED light, and separate dairy section to keep your items organized