Dry Air Filter Cleaner

Updated Jan 19, 2015

airaid_dry_air_filter_cleaningAIRAID Dry Filter Cleaning Solution

Servicing your AIRAID SynthaMax Dry Air Filter just got easier with AIRAID’s Premium Dry Filter Cleaning Solution.

Specially formulated to clean without breaking down the synthetic filter media in all AIRAID Dry air filters, the new cleaning solution breaks up dirt and other contaminants to restore airflow and performance.

Sold in 24-ounce spray bottles, each bottle has enough cleaning solution to service a filter multiple times.

AIRAID recommends cleaning an dry air filter every 15,000-25,000 miles for normal conditions, and more often for dusty off-road conditions.

To service a filter, simply remove it from the vehicle and spray a generous amount of AIRAID Cleaning Solution to the outside. Let the solution soak in for a few minutes then rinse the filter from the inside out with clean tap water from a sink or garden hose.

The solution helps ensure a long filter life while maintaining filter efficiency.