GM 2011-’15 HD Steering/Alignment Fix

Updated Dec 23, 2014

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Cognito Motorsports Pitman & Idler Arm Support Kit fixes alignment flaw on Chevy/GMC 2500HD/3500HD 2wd/4wd GM 8-Lug 

Pitman and Idler arms have always been a problem on the steering systems of the GM and Ford heavy-duty pickups–even on the new models.

Cognito’s Pitman and Idler Support kit fixes that by  double-capturing the pivotal stud at the center-link side with a unique way of connecting and supporting the pitman and idler arm.

This eliminates the ability for the pitman and idler arms to prematurely wear out — and prevents premature tie-rod failure on Chevy/GMC 2011-2015 GM 8Lug chassis.Cognito_pisk3008


  • Improves support on pitman & idler arms
  • Helps reduce premature wear
  • Vehicle will hold better alignment toe setting
  • Helps prolong tie rod life
  • Minimizes center link swing
  • Helps Maximize tire wear

The Pitman and Idler arm Support kit by Cognito Motorsports fixes a wear problem that is present on the factory and aftermarket steering systems. (Aftermarket companies have come out with heavier duty pitman and idler arms that fail the same way that the factory parts do.)

If you are not familiar with how the GM steering system works, here is a quick lesson. The pitman arm is connected to the output shaft of the steering gear box. When you turn the steering wheel of your vehicle, the motion is directed to the steering gear box which then rotates the pitman arm.

The pitman arm has a stud protruding from the end of it where the center link connects, also called the drag link. To help control steering motion, the center link is connected to an idler arm on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The idler arm is bolted to the frame and swings in the same arc as the pitman arm, and is fastened to the center link the same way the pitman arm is.

The two mounting points for the center link give it support in the motion left and right relative to the vehicle, but there is not enough support in the direction of forward to backward relative to the vehicle.

This lack of support is what causes the joints inside of the pitman and idler arms to wear out, which provide the pivot and connection point for the center link.

The larger the tire on the vehicle, the faster these joints wear out.

The front alignment toe settings can not be held because of the slop in the pitman and idler arms allowing the center link to move forward and backward.

No control over the toe setting means that your front tires will experience irregular and premature wear.

Another issue: When the center link swings toward the back of the truck, it is also swinging up in an arc. The center link swinging up increases the tie rod angle and can cause tie rod breakage.

Most tie rod problems actual originate from pitman and idler arm problems.

The Cognito Motorsports Solution:

The Mechanical Engineer at Cognito Motorsports has come up with a non traditional design to fix this problem:

An innovative design support system that double-captures the studs that protrude from the pitman and idler arms which the center link connects to. At the same time it still allows the studs to pivot on their own axis which is needed when the steering system is turning.

This Cognito Motorsports system provides the support needed to prevent the center link from rocking forward and backward in the vehicle.

The support kit can be installed on pitman and idler arms showing some wear, and actually revive them by limiting the movement in the worn direction.

If the pitman and idler arm are excessively worn, it is recommended to replace the pitman and idler arms with factory units and add the Cognito Motorsports Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit.