High-Tech On-Board Video Cameras Help Commercial Drivers

Remote viewing, automatic video recording and other features highlight Rear View Safety’s newest productsRear View Safety products

Enhanced vehicle safety just became simple with the new road safety features introduced by several new products offered by Rear View Safety.

Each feature helps ensure commercial vehicles are able to operate in a safe and efficient manner while on the roadways, thus ensuring the driver’s safety as well as the safety of other drivers on the road.

The G-Series Replacement Mirror Monitor with Bluetooth Capability
This vehicle back-up camera provides drivers with hands free control for mobile devices. The integrated Bluetooth function will allow drivers to easily connect their smart device and also provides the ability to answer or make calls right through the mirror.

Drivers can also play music through the connection, and it features voice recognition by pressing the monitor’s microphone button.

The Two Channel Dash Camera with LCD by BlackVue (DR750LW-2CH)
When it comes to road safety, this rear view camera goes above and beyond all others. This product features dual cameras, as well as a four-inch touch screen that allows drivers to see both cameras.

Each of the featured cameras on this product offer full features for HD recording and are able to be viewed at the very same time.

This back up camera system also comes with integrated Wi-Fi to allow any mobile device to be easily connected. According to James Grossbaum, VP of Rear View Safety, “This camera features a high level of reliability, with the building in coaxial cable that connects the rear and front cameras, which ensures no loss of data when the images are transferred.”

The Dash Camera with Remote Access (RVS-KP1)
This Dash Camera is another high quality back-up camera system presented by Rear View Safety offers the most advanced incident camera along with featuring powerful 4G transmission of the video.

It also features telematics and tracking for drivers. This vehicle back-up camera provides video footage from two different cameras, which is emailed instantly to the email of the driver upon any type of accident or incident.

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