Terra Trac D/T Traction Tires

Updated Dec 14, 2014

Hercules TerraTracDTHercules’ popular light-truck tires expand size offerings

One of Hercules Tires’ popular light truck patterns – the Hercules Terra Trac D/T – now has five new sizes to offer. 

A premium, multi-purpose commercial traction tire, the Terra Trac D/T is designed for a range of on- and off-road applications. 

A studdable tread with 18/32nds or 20/32nds inch tread depth ensures maximum traction power and tread life.  

The five new sizes of the Terra Trac D/T include: 35Ă—12.50R15, LT315/75R16, 35Ă—12.50R17, LT245/75R17 and LT275/65R18.

“We’re pleased with the progression of this line and the positive reputation it has gained in the marketplace,” said Steven Liu, director of consumer tire marketing for Hercules.

“The Terra Trac D/T is an extremely versatile tire. It’s a real workhorse on a jobsite, and it’s an outstanding choice for off-road enthusiasts, which was a primary driver of the size additions.”

Size additions to the Terra Trac D/T will accommodate a range of lifted truck applications, as well as 2- and 3-ton Chevrolet, Ford and GMC pickups.