Kelderman 4-Link For Ram 2500s

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Kelderman Ram 4-link4-Link rear air suspension keeps stock ride height, improves ride when carrying heavy loads

Looking to not only improve your ride, but also the carrying capacity of your Ram whether loaded or unloaded?

Look no further than Kelderman. Stock height 4Ă—4 4-Link kits for 2014/2015 Ram 2500 trucks with factory coil spring rear suspension are now available.

Kelderman 4-link kits remove the entire existing stock suspension and replace it with all new, highly tested, Kelderman components.

Trading in leaf springs for a 4-Link air suspension gives you a suspension that rides entirely on air.

You can control the air pressure in the durable air bags included in every Kelderman product from inside the cab to compensate for a heavy load and to enjoy a better ride. It’s easier than changing the air pressure in your tires.

With an optional self-leveling air control system, your truck will never sag again. You can load a trailer full of equipment and the suspension will automatically adjust the air pressure to make it return to “ride height”.

Kelderman Air Suspension Systems, with over 40 years of operation, offers a full line of air suspension systems for light and medium duty trucks, motor coaches and trailers, as well as agricultural equipment.

CONTACT: Kelderman; (800) 334-6150