GoSafe Dashcam Captures Video As You Drive

Updated Dec 11, 2014

gosafe272Compact video recorder full of safety features

How many times have you wished you’d grabbed your phone and shot a video of something happening in front of your vehicle but missed it?

Or wished you’d had video to record how an accident occurred? 

PAPAGO! GoSafe 272, a compact dashcam that mounts to the truck’s  windshield, automatically captures it all as you drive. 

It has a 2.4” LCD screen and 140° ultra-wide angle lens that will capture everything on video or snapshot. With 1080p/30 fps capture rate and 200-million pixel CMOS sensor the footage you capture will be vivid and so true to life that you will truly be astonished.

The GoSafe 272 offers a lot of very necessary safety features with a powerful video capture rate that will make a perfect fit in your vehicle including a G-Sensor that will back up all emergency files when it feels an impact and loop over old footage unless you write-protect it.

It also has “Stop and Go” to alert a distracted driver when the vehicle in front has driven off and it’s their turn to go. The Light Reminder feature alerts the driver when it’s time to turn on headlights, and the driver fatigue alarm can be set to alert you on those long drives to pull over and take a break.

The motion detection feature will allow you to record while your vehicle is parked and it senses motion in front of the camera or movement in or around your car if it has a power source provided.