A.R.E. Covers 2015 F-150s In Style

Updated Dec 11, 2014

LSII-Series Fiberglass Tonneaus Already Available For New Ford 1/2-Tons

The aerodynamic, custom-fitted LSII Series fiberglass tonneau cover from leading truck cap and tonneau cover www.4are.com is now available for the new 2015 Ford F-150.
A.R.E.’s best-selling LSII Series is designed to be a lightweight and durable worktop complement to the new F-150’s fuel-efficient aluminum body, contributing additional gas mileage savings by creating a more streamlined airflow compared to an open truck bed.
With a sleek, clean appearance, an OEM-quality lock and latch system and an exclusive lift assist system for easy opening and closing, the LSII adds functional style to the F-150.

Equipped with a painted palm-grip handle, the cover is easy to open and close and creates a secure, weatherproof storage area in the truck bed.

A key lock is standard, and optional equipment includes a battery-operated dome light, sport wing and remote keyless entry system. 

The LSII fiberglass tonneau and its painted finish are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from A.R.E. for the life of the original pickup truck it is installed on.  Visit www.4are.com or call 330-830-7800 for additional details.