High-Output GM 1500 Alternator

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Mecham 150amp special_altMechman Alternators’ Special Edition 150-amp Black Billet Alternators

With winter fast approaching and work trucks being set up for winter use, the timing on the intro of Mechman’s new 150-amp Black Billet Alternator, built specifically for 1996 to 2013 GM full-size trucks, is ideal.

This special edition alternator ($299) produces 100amps of power at idle and reaches full output at 1800 RPMs.

The Mechman 150 produces more power at idle than most alternators produce at their peak power output, so it’s perfect for trucks upfit with auxiliary lights, winches, plows and other high-amp-draw accessories.

It comes with an industry leading Mechman two-year warranty, and is designed and built to provide the owner with years of reliable service.

Each alternator is assembled and tested in the Knoxville, TN based facility. Mechman Alternators is a proud American owned and operated alternator manufacture.

CONTACT: Mechman Alternators; 865-522-6166