Ultra Engine Oil Filter System

Updated Dec 11, 2014

home-block2Classic Frantz Filter Bypass System Reengineered; provides 10 times better filtration than OEM

Purchased in 2014 by Lubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI), the original Frantz Filter has been reengineered with a new filter media that LSI says filters engine oil more than 10 times finer than an original equipment manufacturer’s filter, down to two microns.

The Frantz Filter Company was established in 1953 by John Frantz, and became a mainstay product and process for cleaning automotive oil worldwide. This high level of innovation continues as LSI pursues development of two additional filter media types designed for use in various applications.

The Frantz Oil Bypass Filter System can be used with any diesel or gas engine, and custom installation kits along with a universal instillation kit are available.

Although geared toward cars and small to medium trucks, Frantz Filter also handles larger filters designed for heavy equipment.

For larger applications such as construction equipment and semis, contact Frantz Filter diesel experts for application-specific information.

CONTACT: Frantz Filters: 800-341-6516