A.R.E. Offers Rigid LED Lightbars On Bed Caps

Updated Dec 11, 2014

A.R.E. MX Series LightbarRigid Light Bars Factory Installed On A.R.E. MX Series Toppers

A.R.E. Accessories now offers Rigid Industries E-Series LED Light Bars as optional equipment on their fiberglass MX Series truck caps, which are available for most current model year pickup trucks in all cab and bed configurations.

The MX Series cap sports an aerodynamic raised roof design, providing extra headroom and storage capacity, and has a full walk-in door option for easy rear access.
A.R.E. designed a black powder coated aluminum bracket to fit inside the recessed area located in front of the MX Series fiberglass cap for optimum light bar placement.

The Rigid LED light bar will be factory installed with no exposed wiring, and the on/off light switch can be mounted by the truck’s dash or on a roof console.

Rigid E-Series LED Light Bars can be easily retrofitted to any existing A.R.E. MX Series truck cap. 
A leader in LED lighting technology, Rigid Industries products provide very high light output and require very little power to run, reducing battery drain as opposed to traditional lighting.
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