XPEL paint protection

Updated Dec 11, 2014

XPEL productsXPEL Rocker and Bed Rail Guard Kits

Keep your truck looking better longer by protecting its two most damage-prone areas from daily wear and tear with XPEL’s durable paint protection film kits for rocker panels and bed rails. 
XPEL’s Rocker Panel Guards kit protects this area from road and tire debris. 

The kit contains nine inches by 30 feet of rugged  protection film which can also be used to shield doors, bed sides and fender flairs.  

Bed rails can be shielded from loading and unloading scrapes and chips using XPEL’s Bed Rail Guards kit, a cost-effective alternative to installing metal or other bed liner products.

Each kit contains four inches by 17 feet of tough, removable film, enough to cover two bed rails.

XPEL Rocker Panel and Bed Rail Guards kits are easy to install and are available in two styles:

  • Clear Guard features 8 mil polyurethane film with a clearcoat finish that is virtually invisible when applied and provides maximum shine and durability. 
  • Black Guard, made of embossed 13 mil PVC, hides existing damage and helps protect against new scratches and abrasions. 

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