New severe duty brake drum from STEMCO

Updated Dec 11, 2014

STEMCO introduced this week its new CentriFuse HD (Heavy Duty) brake drums for severe service applications.

Designed to increase performance and safety for both on- and off-highway use, including logging, concrete, dump and refuse hauling, CentriFuse HD brake drums provide up to double the service life of full-cast brake drums.

“STEMCO is committed to making the roadways safer, and we developed the CentriFuse HD brake drums based on extensive analysis of our customers’ trucking needs and applications,” says Jim Reis, VP, GM STEMCO Brake Products. ‘The result is a product that provides an unmatched combination of weight savings, service life and stopping power for exceptional safety and reliability in severe service applications.”

Featuring the patented alloy braking surface and steel jacket technology that are the hallmark of all genuine CentriFuse products, STEMCO says the HD series is rated to 26,000 pounds per axle and is backed by a 3-year warranty. At 100 – 111 pounds each (depending on size), CentriFuse HD brake drums are the lightest severe service drums in the industry, providing improved fuel efficiency and reduced equipment stress.

Unlike full-cast drums, CentriFuse HD is an engineered product, and the company says a patented high alloy braking surface provides superior heat absorption, resulting in reduced brake fade and wear. A steel shell provides a layer of safety so you are assured your drum stays on the vehicle. The unique design makes the CentriFuse HD the lightest heavy duty drum in the industry, saving fleets up to 32 pounds per wheel end over full-cast drums, according to STEMCO.