High Capacity Pan For 6.7L F-Series Trannies

Updated Dec 11, 2014

 aFe Deep Trans Pan Brings Added Protection to F-Series Super Duty 6R14046-70182A1600

The biggest killer of automatic transmissions is heat.

Put them under high stress, like towing heavy trailers for long durations in demanding conditions, and transmission oil temps can climb to the point where they start breaking down without the driver ever knowing what’s happening.

To prevent such occurrences,  aFe Power’s new deep transmission pan for 2011-2014 Ford Super Duty 6R140 adds an additional three quarts over stock.

Constructed out of durable A380 aluminum with reinforced ribs for maximum strength, the aFe trans pan incorporates internal and external fins to transfer heat from the fluid to the ambient air for maximum cooling.

This pan also features a large neodymium magnetic drain plug that captures loose particles for maximum transmission protection and can be tightened using a 1/2″ square socket drive.

This transmission pan comes complete with all necessary hardware to bolt directly to factory location for a hassle-free installation. This pan is compatible with the stock transmission filter and can be reused with the stock factory gasket. 

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