Red Hot Headache Racks

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Check out these custom and customizable cab-protecting barriers for those seeking function with form

by Larry D. Walton

Form and function. Those are two words commonly spoken by work truck owners who take pride in the pickups they drive.  

One key area for some is protecting the back of the cab and the rear window from dents, dings and destruction during the scope of the work day.

Hearing the sound of breaking glass means you just spent a quick $500 or more just to replace the rear cab window, which puts a dent in that day’s profit.

To prevent such accidents we looked for some headache racks that had style along with function. Here’re a few we found that had both in spades:

Ranch Hand’s Hauler rack comes equipped with lights, but the window cutout is optional. It must be installed with Ranch Hand’s short or long bed rails. Ranch Hand;  (800) 366-9712



This rack by Backbone features their skull screen design, powder coat with beveled high lights, and rogue red tie down knuckles. Backbone; (877) 992-2252



Southwest Fabricators builds this heavy duty headache rack with Texas size barbed wire in the window openings. You can have them round one up for you with a powder coat color of your choosing. Southwest Fabricators;  (800) 815-4348


Highway Products custom builds to meet all needs like this rack built for a law enforcement agency with light platform, slider window opening, cargo lights and additional brake turn signal lights. Highway Products; (800) 866-5269


This post-and-rail unit by Backrack demostrates a number of ways to mount lights on their racks. They also make a wire screen unit for better window protection. Backrack;  (800) 265-8137




This “spyder” web with opening for window rack by Spyder Industries features a beveled design with framed spider web and openings for brake light and slider window. It can be customized with angle horns, eye hooks, brake/turn LED’s, rear facing lamps and strobe light mounts. Spyder Industries;  (877) 665-6705



You can express your passion for hunting with this buck design by Spyder. They also have an elk head design as well. Spyder Industries;  (877) 665-6705


This chrome-plated, round-tube rack by Go Industries features stainless steel louvers and Go Industries two-dimensional mounting system with both vertical and horizontal bed rail bolts. Go Industries;  (800) 527-4345