CRC Heavy Duty Intake Valve Cleaner

Updated Dec 11, 2014

CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner - New technology removes deposits without top engine disassemblyGDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner Dissolves Damaging Deposits Without Top Engine Disassembly

CRC Industries, Inc. new GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner is designed to remove harmful deposits from all types of gasoline powered engines.

CRC claims it removes up to 23% of carbon buildup on intake valves after first hour of use by delivering CRC’s advanced technology-based chemical solution â€“ COzol® â€“ directly to the valves at 150 times the concentration of any other premium fuel system additive on the market.

More important, it is easy to use – simply spray past the MAF sensor through the air intake.

Most significantly, it reaches down into the recesses of the valves without the need for disassembling the intake manifold to remove excessive carbon buildup.

Excessive carbon deposit buildup can be the cause of a host of problems such as:

  • hard starts
  • rough idle
  • poor acceleration
  • reduced fuel economy
  • excessive emissions
  • power loss

CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner is available at AutoZone and NAPA Auto Parts stores nationwide.