Cloud-based GPS Vehicle Tracker Ideal For Mobil Devices

Updated Dec 11, 2014

CarLock GPS

New GPS Device Launches To Keep Vehicles Secure 24/7

Keeping track of your pickups when they are out of sight is now a reality with the launch of the all new car security device, CarLock.

CarLock uses remote GPS technology so owners can track the location and movements of their vehicles from a mobile device such as cellphone or iPad.

It plugs directly into the OBDII port and establishes a constant communication with the CarLock Cloud so there’s no battery drain on your cellphone or iPad.

It is complemented by a specialized app that  immediately notifies the owner with a loud warning sound should a series of multiple suspicious activities occur.

These include the vehicle moving outside the lock area, notifications when the engine is started, warnings when the device is disconnected, notices if the GPS signal is lost through potential jamming attempts and alerts for any irregular car vibrations.

CarLock will also issue alerts for when vehicle batteries are low, making the device a security essential as well as a practical piece of equipment.

At just $136 plus a monthly subscription fee of $6.75, CarLock offers owners affordable peace of mind your truck(s) is being monitored at all times.

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