Alcoa unveils lighter 14, 9 inch wheels

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products announced Monday that its 14 inch wide base and 9 inch wheels were again the lightest in the industry.

Alcoa says its 22.5” x 14” wide base wheels are now 54 lbs. per wheel and its 22.5” x 9” wheels are now 51 or 59 lbs., dependent on fitment. 

Alcoa unveiled the new wheels at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville. As before, Alcoa’s 14” wide base wheels replace dual wheels and reduce overall vehicle weight. Alcoa’s new 14 inch wide base wheels drop another 4 lbs. from their previous 58 lb. to their new 54 lb. weight.

Alcoa’s new 9 inch wheels are now 3 lbs. lighter than their previous version and again the lightest in their class, the company says.