Ranger Design touts one-step, drop-down ladder system

Updated Dec 11, 2014


Ranger Design will launch a new one-step, drop-down ladder system for vans this fall.

The Ranger Max Rack can hold two ladders of 150 pounds each and will fit all vans, but of it is expected to be greatest interest is to the new tall vans coming to market, according to the company’s presentation Wednesday at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The patent-pending product was designed with customer input, and the company’s engineers focused on a clear set of objectives:

– Design a rack that lowers the ladder in one easy motion

– Make sure that the operator does not have to perform a secondary motion to lower the rack and is always out of the path of the descending ladder

– The rack should bring the ladder exceptionally low

– Sliding door must be able to open when the rack is down

– The ladder must only touch plastic when it is on the rack to prevent ladder wear

The new system meets those requirements, the company says, lowering up to 50 inches in one single motion, with the operator out of the path of the descending ladder.

Field tested for feedback from tradesmen, the standout feature is the ease of operation. No secondary motion is required to lower the rack. Its gas shock assisted descent makes operation a quick and easy task, the company says.

Ranger Design ladder rack