Carrier Transicold's new battery protection coverage aims to minimize reefer downtime

Carrier Solar Tru Backup
Carrier Transicold

Carrier Transicold’s BluEdge service platform is now offering transport refrigeration unit (TRU) battery protection coverage that utilizes a solar powered charging system to keep batteries up and running when reefer trailers are parked.

During extended dwell periods, even fresh TRU batteries can be drained by current draw from peripheral devices, including telematics systems that are now widely used by fleets.

“Our TRU Battery Protection option helps avoid a leading reason for emergency call-out service, premature battery failure because an out-of-service TRU simply ran out of fuel and couldn’t charge the battery via its alternator,” said Stuart Johnson, BluEdge commercial lead at Carrier Transicold. “Solar panels maintain battery charge without requiring the TRU to run, saving fuel, ensuring uninterrupted performance and helping fleets avoid these inconvenient and potentially costly situations.”

Fleets can qualify for BluEdge’s new battery protection coverage so long as that TRU is supported by a Carrier Transicold solar charging system. Coverage includes battery and parts replacement.

“This industry-leading coverage for refrigerated trailers can significantly reduce the risk of premature battery failure while also assuring the battery will be quickly replaced hassle free, parts and labor included by Carrier Transicold’s extensive dealer network throughout the U.S. and Canada if it fails to start the TRU within the contract coverage,” Johnson said.

TRU Battery Protection requires a Carrier Transicold unit to have:

•      A BluEdge Core or Elite service plan.

•       A PowerRush wet cell or PowerRush Platinum (AGM) battery, both of which are engineered to meet tough cycling demands of TRU applications.

•       A Carrier Transicold solar charging system.

The TRU Battery Protection option also extends the standard warranty of

PowerRush wet cells from 18 months to two years.

Carrier Transicold’s TRU Battery Protection applies to X4™ 7000 and Vector™ 8000 series trailer units, Vector HE 19 and 1550 intermodal systems, and the Solara heating unit. Coverage can be applied to existing TRUs already equipped with Carrier Transicold solar charging systems and PowerRush batteries.

For more information about TRU Battery Protection, turn to the experts in  Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.