Apology issued for Chicago bait truck

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Updated Aug 24, 2018

Score one for justice? Really?

Sting operations in Chicago designed to curtail rising cargo thefts took a big hit recently as Norfolk Southern Railway buckled under pressure, apologized for leading an undercover bait truck operation and vowed never to use the same tactic again.

That’s great news for cargo thieves including three men who were facing felony charges for breaking into the trailer of a truck that Norfolk had parked in Englewood, an impoverished suburb of the city where cargo heists have been an ongoing problem.

Theft charges for all three men were dropped following outcries of injustice from some notable mouthpieces including the American Civil Liberties Union and former head of the Chicago Police Board, Lori Lightfood, who’s currently running for mayor against embattled Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

When pressed for an explanation as to why the charges were dropped, a representative with the Cook County State Attorney’s Office told the Chicago Tribune that “it was in the interest of justice.”

The interest of justice? That’s an interesting take on justice. How about justice for all the victims that have been robbed and shot by criminals that gained access to dozens of firearms that were stolen last October from a rail car in Chicago? How about justice for truck drivers and companies that fall victim to cargo theft?

As it turns out, Chicago police were hoping that ‘Operation Trailer Trap’ would lead to more information concerning that theft of 104 firearms. After all, it didn’t take long for those guns to show up at crime scenes around the city which continues to generate more and more headlines reporting on deadly violence. Less than a dozen of those guns have been recovered.

But apparently politics trumps property rights and public safety. Between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, 23 people were shot, two fatally including a 26-year-old man in Englewood. The tragic irony here is that Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation.

And it’s also soft on criminals at a time when people need tougher law enforcement the most.