They don’t make rivalries like they used to

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Updated Aug 12, 2015

There are few rivalries more heated than Chevy vs. Ford.

Pickup owners trade barbs every chance they get in parking lots and on the Internet in truck forums across the galaxy. But, back in the day, the Detroit OEs were in on the act. Pickup commercials are still fraught with elbow jabs to the competition, but they’re far less “anything you can do I can do better” than they were in the glory days of the 1980s.

For example, in 1987 Ford touted the aerodynamic design of it’s shoebox shaped 1987 F-Series over it’s rivals, while towing the competition over a micro-mountain of rock. Nothing says “aerodynamics” like towing three pickups through a quarry.

Not to be outdone, Chevy duplicated Ford’s towing test with a little twist.

It’s interesting to note that Chevy didn’t touch Ford’s aerodynamics claim. I guess when you can tow a mountain, there’s nothing else t0 say.

With Ford’s refreshed F-150 now on dealer lots and a new Silverado on the way, here’s to hoping General Motors and Ford go digging through there advertising archives for inspiration. I mean, we’re all getting tired of Denis Leary, right?