When body style doesn’t matter

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Updated Dec 4, 2013

Are you a Ford guy? 

A Chevy gal?

Maybe a Freightliner family?

What attracts you to a certain brand? Sure, performance and reliability are key factors, but styling is at least part of it, right?

So what are your plans when the cargo van market is flooded in 2014 with similar-looking Euro-styled vans? 

The new Ford Transit doesn’t look remarkably different than the Ram ProMaster. And neither are all together different from a Sprinter. A proposed Nissan/Chevy City Express falls right in line, too. 

With style basically removed from the equation, does the name on the hood matter even more now?

Sure, there are subtle differences but will you really be able to tell them apart from 500 feet at 80 miles an hour?

How much does exterior styling matter in your decision making when it comes to your fleet?

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