Tow truck driver shoots other driver who responded to same accident

Updated Feb 9, 2019

A tow truck driver was critically injured Saturday in Pittsburgh after being shot by another driver who had responded to the same accident.

Pittsburgh Public Safety reported that several tow trucks had shown up to an accident Saturday afternoon on Washington Boulevard about four miles east of downtown Pittsburgh.

An argument there between two drivers escalated as one grabbed a bat and approached the other who then pulled out a gun and shot the driver with the bat.

The injured driver was taken to a local hospital and listed in critical condition. No arrests were made, according to

The incident sparked plenty of comments on social media.

“Oh great, the people paid to help us are shooting each other. Such brotherly love here,” a user wrote on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Facebook page. 

“Why doesn’t the town have contracts with tow companies? It would certainly limit this unnecessary behavior,” wrote another.