Stolen tow truck no match for police

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Updated Feb 10, 2018

Stealing a tow truck is a bad idea. Stealing one enabled with a GPS tracker and a max speed of 40 mph, even worse.

That was the case recently for a 55-year-old Santa Barbara, Calif. resident who police said was so upset about having his car towed that he carried out his revenge by stealing the tow company’s truck in San Francisco.

His plan didn’t last long. Police found the truck fast using a GPS tracker and pulled the man over. However, the man had a change of heart and took off in the truck only to discover that his top getaway speed was around 40mph.

Once the slow pursuit headed for the highway, California Highway Patrol took over and stopped the man cold with a spike-strip, according to 

Check off another victory to GPS tracking and speed limiters, a sound investment in this case that appears to have made a bad situation from getting a lot worse.