Dump truck loses load of human waste in Indiana

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Updated Jun 22, 2018

Tell me one more time why you got pulled over?

While we’re not exactly sure how the conversation went between a dump truck driver and his boss, we’re fairly confident that it was a memorable one. After all, it’s not every day that you get stopped by state troopers after losing human waste along the highway near Brownstown, Ind.

Indiana State Trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles Tweeted that an unsecured gate on the truck was to blame for the piles of processed poop that fell from the truck Wednesday on U.S. 50.

“Traffic was slowed briefly and the company cleaned up the lost load,” Wheeles wrote. “The product was deemed environmentally safe.”

However, we’re not so sure we can say the same for the jokes that keep coming up in response to Wheeles’ Tweet. We’ve posted a few below.

“It’s OK. That’s why they named them dump trucks to begin with. LOL,” Fire in America posted.

“Crappy day at work fo sho,” Dave wrote.

“Brownstown huh?” Patriot 1683 posted. “Can’t make this stuff up.”

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