Semi drags car for miles on I-15 in California

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Updated Apr 25, 2017

Having grown up in Southern California, I’ve seen my fair share of memorable scenes on the highways–but nothing like this.

Facebook user Brian Steimke was driving on Interstate 15 recently though the Cajon Pass when he spotted something that he and millions of viewers won’t soon forget: it was semi versus car, but in this case, the truck driver, who was hauling two trailers, apparently wasn’t aware of the collision and just kept on driving and dragging a mangled car behind him.

“Going home coming up the freeway on the 15 and this is what I saw. Wow. Intense. The poor guy got drug at least 4 miles,” Steimke writes on his Facebook page.

The driver of the car appears to be unharmed as he desperately waves at Steimke to get the truck to stop. The video has gotten nearly 7 million views since being posted April 19.