US Cargo Control adds to flatbed line

Updated Nov 6, 2013

US Cargo Control continues its product expansion initiatives, with several new items to serve its customers in the flatbed trucking industry.

Products added include heavy-duty polyester shock cord and coated bungee hooks for creating custom length bungee cords; additional lengths of rubber tarp straps; and multi-purpose EasyKlip grip clips and bungee balls, the company says. In addition to the new merchandise, US Cargo Control says the entire category was updated to include more informational content, and to make product selection easier for customers.

“This is a category that has several similar terms for different products,” says Annika Cousins, category manager. “We wanted to make sure we organized the merchandise in a way to ensure that our customers could find exactly what they are looking for.”

Cousins says organizing the rubber tarp strap products was particularly important to highlight the two different types of straps available and to educate customers on which are right for their uses.

“Our research showed that many customers didn’t realize the differences between the natural rubber straps and the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) straps, so one of our goals was to expand our content with information about each to ensure they’re purchasing the best strap for their environment,” she says.

The product additions are the latest round of merchandise expansions for the cargo control company. In July, the 2 in. ratchet straps category was updated with more than 100 new styles and sizes of tie down straps, including several custom options, the company says.

“We’re really pleased with this category update, but we’re always keeping our eye on industry trends and any new products that might be a good fit for our customers’ needs,” says Cousins.