Used truck prices climb in construction sector

Demand for construction vehicles has kept pace with increased construction activity, leading to increased pricing for five-year-old and newer trucks.

NADA/ATD graphicNADA/ATD graphic

According to the latest ATD/NADA update, 2009 model heavy-duty construction truck prices appear to have moved upwards “substantially” over the past two months, although ATD Senior Analyst Chris Visser qualifies the rise.

“In reality, these time periods include an outsized proportion of trucks with high-dollar equipment, particularly mixers. As such, the real upward movement is not quite as dramatic,” Visser notes. “Still, removing those trucks from the equation still shows undeniable upward movement.”

He also suggests that even newer trucks show pricing strength.

“Overall, this looks like a sustained improvement for trucks with remaining usable life,” Visser says.