Continental open shoulder tire EPA verified

Updated Oct 14, 2013

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tire group announced Friday that its HDR1 Eco Plus ContiTread retread tire product has been verified for low rolling resistance by the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership as a low rolling resistance retread.

The tire is the first open shoulder drive position retread to be verified by SmartWay, according to Continental engineers.

EPA has determined that certain low rolling resistance retread products, when used on the drive and trailer axles of line haul, class 8 tractor trailers in combination with a verified steer tire, can reduce fuel consumption by more than three percent, according to the SmartWay Transport Partnership.

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The HDR1 EcoPlus ContiTread is the 21st Continental new and retreaded truck tire product line to be currently listed as verified by SmartWay.

The HDR1 Eco Plus ContiTread is a open shoulder, drive position retread, named to highlight its low rolling resistance and EcoPlus technology for fuel efficiency.

The company says the open shoulder tread design provides excellent wet and dry traction, resists irregular wear and reduces stone retention for optimal use in regional hauling and light on/off road conditions.

The HDR1 Eco Plus ContiTread is available from ContiTread retreaders in 22/32nds tread depth, in various widths for retreading.