Electric van upstart readies deployment of smart charging platform

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Smart Charging PlatformChanje, an electric delivery truck and energy solutions company, announced Wednesday a partnership with eMotorWerks to deliver an energy-as-a-service (EaaS) program to its commercial fleet customers with a smart charging platform.

Chanje CEO Bryan Hansel says the partnership – through eMotorWerks’ line of intelligent and cloud- connected electric vehicle (EV) charging hardware and software solutions – offers fleet customers a “one-stop-shop” of purpose-built electric trucks and energy services, “without them having to worry about the installation or energy load management.”

“Our collaboration with eMotorWerks allows us to deliver dynamic charging capabilities that support drivers, utilities, operators and CFOs alike,” Hansel adds. “Along with [eMotorWerks], we look forward to introducing fleets to the world of smart-grid charging.”

The fleet operating system Chanje plans to deploy with the eMotorWerks JuiceNet platform uses automated, multi-tiered control algorithms and load balancing to allow multiple charging stations to operate simultaneously under peak load settings. Automated load management, Hansel says, helps Chanje fleet customers lower operating costs while also enabling utilities and grid operators to avoid excessive strain on local electrical circuits and the grid as a whole. Via the JuiceNet platform, Chanje fleet operators can participate in energy services programs that offer reduced rates at off-peak times, benefiting the local electric grid and lowering a fleet’s total cost of operation.

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“With this collaboration, drivers will be confident that their zero-emission trucks are not only the most socially responsible and cost-effective method of transport, but also use the cleanest energy available via JuiceNet smart charging controls,” adds eMotorWerks Founder and CEO Valery Miftakhov.

The charging stations also give commercial fleet operators access to customized cloud-based JuiceNet control platforms that intelligently manage EV charging, including remote access control, automatic energy management to avoid peak pricing, smart algorithms to maximize charging with available renewable energy from the grid, and electricity usage tracking.

Chanje will also introduce a customer portal that helps fleet operators manage their daily energy requirements by aggregating data from the vehicle telematics and charging platform. For example, by looking at vehicle usage analytics, fleet operators can make real-time adjustments to manage driver and route inefficiencies to prevent unnecessary spikes in usage and control the total cost of operation.