Unlock a Fetch rental truck or van with a phone app and go!

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Updated Jun 24, 2017
Fetch rents this high-roof Nissan NV cargo van for $15 an hour or $75 per day. Use your smartphone to unlock it and go.Fetch rents this high-roof Nissan NV cargo van for $15 an hour or $75 per day. Use your smartphone to unlock it and go.

A pickup and van rental start-up in Atlanta is catching on fast thanks to a clever use of technology and a strong commitment to improved customer service.

Fetch, like a lot of businesses, started from a problem or two…or three…or…

“Everyone has rented a truck at some point,” said Fetch co-founder Adam Steinberg. “Being homeowners in Atlanta, my co-founder, Chris, and I often had to rent a truck for moving or weekend jobs. We were always frustrated in the process of renting a truck – the long lines at the counter, not knowing if your truck would be available, and the hidden fees. We knew there had to be a better way to rent a truck that would use modern technology and a more transparent customer experience.”

To get around the hassles at the counter, Fetch users—called Fetchers—simply turn to their smartphones to rent a ½-ton pickup or van. Once Fetchers reserve a vehicle, they can go directly to it, unlock it with their smartphone and drive off. Insurance and gas are covered. (No joke…a prepaid gas card is kept in the glove box.) Base miles are also included.

Trucks and vans are strategically located where pickups and vans are typically used most, like self-storage facilities.

Hard Working Trucks caught up with Fetch to learn more about the business which one user praised as “easy…clear and upfront.”

A 1/2-ton pickup rents for $10 an hour or $50 per day.A 1/2-ton pickup rents for $10 an hour or $50 per day.

HWT: How’s business going?

Steinberg: Incredible! We’ve had customers since day one of launching Fetch, and it hasn’t stopped since. We have 14 five-star reviews on Yelp.

HWT: What are consumers generally most impressed with?

Steinberg: Customers love several aspects: Being able to reserve, check-in and unlock their truck using just their smart phone. Not having to wait in line or fight-off a sales rep trying to sell add-ons is a game-changing experience. Our transparent pricing that includes miles and free gas in one flat price. Being able to pick up and return the vehicle whenever they want! Because the entire process is self-service, a rental-office doesn’t need to be open for a customer to pick up or return their truck.

HWT: Are there franchise opportunities available?

Steinberg: Not currently. It’s something we’re considering, but we don’t offer it today.

HWT: What pickup/van brands do you use?

Steinberg: We primarily use the Nissan commercial line. Our most popular vehicles are the NV 1500/2500 cargo vans and the Titan truck.

HWT: Do you have ¾-ton plus pickups available?

Steinberg: We do not. Our primary use case are jobs that take a few hours to one or two days, so we aren’t as focused on heavy duty jobs that might involve extensive use or time.

Fetch rental locations are in areas where pickup and van rentals are likely.Fetch rental locations are in areas where pickup and van rentals are likely.

HWT:  Can consumers do any towing with Fetch vehicles?

Steinberg: Not at this time. (Similar use case as above.)

HWT: Are you thinking of expanding to box trucks?

Steinberg: We’ve considered it. Customers love that all of our trucks are easy enough for anyone to drive and aren’t intimidating. We don’t want to abandon our brand promise of providing that seamless, convenient experience with box trucks that could be more difficult to operate.

HWT: How about trailer rentals?

Steinberg: We do not offer trailer rentals, as we’re really focused on making it incredibly convenient and easy to rent a truck.

HWT: Anything else you’d like to add?

Steinberg: Renting a truck shouldn’t be so difficult or frustrating. Our mission is to make transportation effortless, and we’re incredibly thankful to our customers and partners that have embraced our mission. We’ll be expanding Fetch into new cities over the next year and look to continue making the rental process even easier for our customers.