Fun Trucks Friday coach edition: The perfect van to review game film, pay off recruits

The Fun Trucks Friday staff has taken a political stand and opted not to attend this year’s Moscow Auto Show and, frankly, the only real truck news out of Russia has been that there are plenty moving into Ukraine – bah-de-bing!

But seriously folks, we did turn up one worthwhile work vehicle from the show. It’s a customized Mercedes Sprinter designed to let serious people do serious work while in transit, or to relax in proper executive style without having to deal with underachieving employees. Except for the driver. And maybe an intern to tend bar.

In the spirit of the season, we’re thinking this would be perfect for any football program looking to shuttle a multi-million dollar coach around, or for the SEC to use when handing out signing bonuses to 5-star recruits. (The headliner contain 2,700 LEDs and a pre-programmed array of lighting patterns, ideal for impressing that grain-fed 350-pound offensive lineman fresh off the farm: They sure don’t have anything like that back home, coach.)

Essentially, the Brabus Business Lounge concept van is a combination first-class jet cabin and conference room. Brabus, which has made its rep upfitting Benzes with high-performance and luxurious add-ons, has touched up the exterior with its trademark black paint, a new front bumper and 18-inch wheels, but it’s the interior that makes this the go-to BV (business vehicle) for any team with championship expectations.

The exclusively designed fine leather passenger compartment features four, fully adjustable, climate-controlled, massage-capable business seats in a face-to-face conference arrangement and an additional third row. The communications system integrates the passengers’’ notebook or tablet computers into the media center.

And, of course, the small galley area allows for on-board refreshment, and includes a wine chiller for the victory champagne.

On the other hand, window tinting and power curtains afford privacy (and block the view of the scoreboard and sobbing fans) after a loss.

Pricing hasn’t been set, but the units are custom built to spec. Put it on the booster club agenda, before the other team does.