Fun Trucks Friday fantasy edition: Sierra vs. Ferrari and other miracles

Make a wish. Want to go faster than a Ferrari? Hang with the stars in Hollywood? Be the luckiest guy in the world? Fun Trucks Friday is here to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Looks aren’t everything. The Fun Trucks Friday research staff isn’t sure of the provenance of this clip, but we think it’s legit: A turbocharged GMC Sierra runs away from a lovely little Italian number.

You will note the way the highway lane lines become a blur, so this isn’t just a casual spin by the time the clip ends.

In athletics, a player who can keep up with, or even outrun an opponent who’s a well known speedster is called “sneaky fast.” Blowing the doors off a 570-horse Ferrari supercar? Nothing sneaky about a pickup that can do that (unless it’s a great use of social media for an ad).

[youtube ghoq9IPeZfI nolink]


Terminate this.  The former Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has come up with a clever way to raise money for one his good causes: He’s offered contributors to the Afterschool All-Stars charity a shot at a trip to L.A. to hang with Ah-nult for a bit.

What’s this got to do with Fun Trucks Friday? Well, the winner also gets a chance to do what a lot truck owners love to do, and that’s play with some otherwise hard working, heavy-duty equipment. In this case, it’s an M-48 Patton tank. Cruise around with Arnold, breath in the diesel fumes and cigar smoke, crush some stuff.

Still a stretch for FTF? Ask Arnold to show you the garage where he keeps his Mercedes-Benz Unimog, a pickup suitable for a man of Arnold’s superhero image.

(Sorry, the contest just closed – you may still contribute, of course. Or get a tank of your own.)

[youtube w4lnVx2BAYk nolink]


Soft landing. Somebody’s living right, that’s all we can say after watching this security camera footage.

If you remember the Stephen Spielberg tv series, “Amazing Stories,” you might be familiar with the episode where a B-17’s landing gear is no good, putting the guy trapped in the belly turret in a desperate situation – only to be saved by imagining and creating over-sized cartoon tires.

That crazy ending has nothing on this one. Watch carefully at about the :20 mark, then watch it again.

Not only was the cyclist amazingly lucky, so was the driver of the pickup truck that went flying past.

[youtube bg4nPT_RrBk nolink]