Road rage or not? FedEx driver runs driver off the road

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Updated Jun 29, 2018

Blind spot mistake or road rage?

A FedEx driver was videoed recently running a vehicle off the road in what witnesses say was a case of road rage.

The roughly one-minute long video shot last Friday on I-85 in Blacksburg, S.C. first shows a FedEx tractor-trailer edging into the lane of another vehicle and then moving completely into that lane and forcing the vehicle onto the shoulder of the road.

“He just kicked him off the road,” a woman is heard saying in the video.

“Get up there. I want to get the tag number. I am calling. That is ridiculous,” responds another woman who appears to be recording the truck. “He’s got road rage for sure.”

However, after viewing the video South Carolina State Transport Police said the mini-van was in the truck’s blindspot, according to FedEx reported that it’s investigating the incident.

Judge for yourself.