Musk Tweets details on Tesla pickup, asks for ‘next level’ ideas

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Tesla’s future pickup is back in the news thanks to company CEO Elon Musk who took to Twitter today to not only reveal some features in the all-electric truck but to also get some ideas of what people are looking for in a pickup.

Crazy torque? Yep. Compressed air for pneumatic tools? Musk told one Twitter user that it’s a great idea. Other ideas are listed below.

Other ideas pitched to Musk include interchangeable truck beds, chilled and heated cup holders, tailgate cup holders, a refrigerator, a battery pack trailer for long rides, a sliding bed floor with tilt capabilities for loading ATVs and dirt bikes, electric hoist in the bed and digital message capabilities for the front and rear bumpers. One Twitter user asked Musk to build an electric food truck because he’s tired of hearing the food truck generators when he eats.