Tesla Model X pulls semi out of snow

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Electric vehicles are known for their instant access to impressive torque and the Tesla Model X is no exception.

Facebook user Kyle Conner recently posted a video showing a Model X pulling a Volvo tractor trailer up a snow-covered incline in North Carolina.

“There really wasn’t much stress on the car at all as the truck just needed a helping pull and it was all ice with little traction,” wrote Conner who recorded the memorable scene.

The semi couldn’t quite get enough traction to climb the slight grade, so the all-wheel drive Model X came to the rescue. Keep in mind that this car has a max tow rating of 5,000 pounds.

Torque varies depending on the particular model. Both the 2017 Model X 75D and Model X 100D are rated at 189 lb. ft., while the Model X P100D has an impressive 479 lb. ft.

The Tesla in this video is seen fish-tailing around in the snow as the semi is heard revving up behind it. Though the video doesn’t display it, Conner reports that the car pulled the semi to the top of the incline.