Ford Ranger Raptor undergoes testing in New Zealand

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Ford Australia recently uploaded video of a Ranger Raptor prototype taking on some tough terrain in a video titled New Zealand Mountain Testing.

The roughly one-minute long video opens with the wind whistling at a remote camp site on South Island located along the Southern Alps where scenic mountains, lakes and glaciers converge.

On its website, Ford Australia says of the Ranger’s engine:

Much like a Motorcross bike, Ranger Raptor’s powertrain was chosen to deliver ultimate responsiveness with minimum weight. Ford’s latest technology 2.0L BiTurbo diesel engine generates 157kW (211 hp) of power and 500Nm (369 lb. ft.) of torque across a wide rev range by utilising a team of high and low-pressure turbos, the turbines of which can reliably spin at 240,000rpm by utilising high-tech Inconel, an alloy used in rocket engines.